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Dear Valued Clients, 

We would like to take this opportunity to let out clients know that we are taking every possibly precautionary measure to combat the spread of this infectious virus that's sweeping the world by storm. 

As it stands all of our agents are young fit and healthy. We are taking all the necessary precautions to keep it that way.

Every single one of our staff have been educated and trained on not contribute to the spread of this virus in any way, here a few implementations that we have initiated: 

  • Contact with clients for now is strictly forbidden (Elbow Greetings will be common practice) as well as where possible skype / facetime and normal over the phone interaction is encouraged where possible.
  • Handling paperwork digitally where possible.
  • Avoiding contact with any objects that could cause the spread, if unavoidable it MUST be followed by immediate sanitization.
  • Sanitisation is enforced before and after every single appointment by thoroughly washing hands and or by using provided hand sanitizer. 
  • Compulsory sanitization  upon entering our offices is also enforced. 
  • Keeping a safe distance from all purchasers and sellers is also mandatory. 
  • Buyers and sellers will be requested to adhere with safety protocols (hand sanitization, social distancing) 
  • If anyone shows symptoms of the virus, it will result in all our staff being self- isolated until such time that it is clear he/she is not carrying the virus. 

We are pleased to let all clients know that the deeds office has remained open for business and registrations and transfers shall continue as normal. 

We are determined to fight this Virus and will take every single precautionary measure to combat the spread of it, we encourage every South African to do the same, together we can beat anything. Stay Safe South Africa !  

#coronavirus #wecanbeatthis 

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